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Dependable Bodies - LOLER Inspection, Service and Weight Testing

Weight Testing and LOLER inspections

These are mandatory by law and Dependable Bodies offer a hassle free service for customers, not only in the Gateshead, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear and Teesside areas but the whole of the North East, to allow them to get on with their jobs without the worry of keeping within the law (See below).


Simply supply a list of your vehicles and their due dates and we will add them to our recall data base which will send out reminders.


Servicing and weight testing can be carried out at your premised if required.


Call out repair service available Nationwide.

radio remote crane being LOLER tested after installation
  Radio Remote Control Crane modifications, maintenance and LOLER weight testing
LOLER test being carried out by one of Dependable Bodies specialists A photo of the rear of an ambulance
Wheelchair taillifts modifications, maintenance and LOLER weight testing Ambulance tailifts and ambulance modifications, maintenance and LOLER weight testing


Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) paragraph 107 states:


The 6-monthly period between thorough examinations specified in reg.9(3)(a)(i) applies to all lifting accessories, whether or not they are used for lifting persons. The regulation also applies to all other lifting equipment used for lifting persons. Such machinery, eg a crane or FLT, even if intended to be used only occasionally for lifting persons, should be examined in accordance with reg.9(3)(a)(i). © Health and Safety Executive// Local Authorities Enforcement Liaison Committee (HELA)


If you’d like to view the full LOLER document CLICK on this Health and Safety Executive sign.

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If you have a specific enquiry about our testing services please call or if it is out of hours please fill in our contact form HERE or click on the 'contact' link below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.